Heart Rate Monitor to Nike

IN 2010 I pitched a smartwatch combo heart rate monitor invention to Nike. I patented this idea of a watch with monitor in 2010. I did the ID design and then off to Graham England, my ID guy for photoreal renders. (Graham also did the DK1, DK2 and Rift IDs for Oculus.)

Hydrogen Balloon

Pure hydrogen H2 does not burn. To burn it must be mixed with O2. In a weather balloon, if you used pure hydrogen, the volume of gas you’d need would be 1/5 the volume of helium and a similar sized balloon would have five times the lift capacity with H2 hydrogen. If you lit a […]

First EVC

Thirty years ago today I met with Malcolm Bricklin and Lee Iacocca. Lee was the chairman of Chrysler and had just retired. I used to write for Dr. Dobbs Journal and Byte Magazine and this is how they found me. I don’t write anymore and it’s not in my skillset really, I just liked doing […]

Jack McCauley Lola E3

Overhead shot of car I designed and built that was finished three years ago. The car has a GM LS7 and is California emissions compliant. We did the entire car in SOLIDWORKS and machined the parts in-house on our 5-axis Haas CNC. About a 1/4 of the parts were made in Carbon Fiber on our […]

A Portable Wind Tunnel

We built a portable wind tunnel for measuring EV efficiency and will be used to calculate the drag coefficients of Tesla and Chevrolet EVs. It sticks on the car windshield using suction cups. Pitot tube based  anemometer. Jack had two choices to place the portable wind tunnel at mid ground level near the front air intake or place […]