I’m a researcher and I teach at the top Engineering college in the world. I also graduated from there. I’m smart and I was the class of 2019 commencement speaker.

I am really good at doing research.

I pivoted to researching the issues of global warming about six months ago. I used for my research data from farming and local weather stations. I also used data from NOAA, the national agency here in the US. The national data and the local data pretty much coincide.

We found that the average temperature in the US has increased since 1949 at about 0.0417 degrees per year. This means in 100 years the average temperature will increase 4.17 degrees here. We also found that daytime temperatures are not increasing and in fact in some places it’s getting cooler during the day.

It’s also getting rainier here. The rainfall has increased in proportion to the average temperature increase. We are getting warmer and wetter here in the US. Climate change does not mean there is a drought as the politicians blame climate change for a lack of planning with water capacity here in California.

The nights are warmer here in the US. This is why the average temperature is going up. It stays warm because the heat energy is being trapped somehow and not radiating back into space at night.

This is not good.

We are told that it’s due to CO2 emissions and human activity. I decided to investigate this matter in relation to climate change.

If you had a huge swimming pool filled with a million ping pong balls, and you had 280 red ping pong balls amongst them, that would mean that 0.028% of the total would be red ping pong balls. A very small amount.

If you then removed 100 white ping pong balls and replaced them with 100 red ping pong balls, the percent would increase to 0.038% red balls in the pool.

The difference then between 0.038% and 0.028% is 0.010%.

In 1775 we had 280 red ping pong balls of CO2 per one million air molecules. In 2021 we had 380 red ping pong balls of CO2. In 250 years, the percent increase of CO2 is 0.01%.

Air is composed of 21% oxygen, and the rest mostly nitrogen. If pulled out 210,000 white balls from the pool and replaced them with blue ping pong balls, the pool would take on a bluish hue.

There simply is not enough red ping pong balls in the pool to make any change in the hue of the pool.

How can it be that a 0.01% increase in the red balls in the pool makes such a difference? This is a valid question. It’s not like it went from 21% to 30% or something like that. That would be a reasonable explanation for the increase in temperature.

So what’s causing it? What is causing the increase? It doesn’t appear that the sun is getting any hotter.