A seasoned interviewee with experience-based perspective on incorporating cutting-edge tech into automotive (including Augmented Reality and Additive Manufacturing); expert on electric vehicles; VR, AI and cyber security; Jack is available for solo interviews or alongside members of his network of industry influencers. 



Silicon Valley Business Intelligence

Interview with Jack McCauley, Co-founder of Oculus VR, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Innovate EVs or Fall Behind the Curve

World Summit AI Blog

Let’s talk fuzzy logic: Determining the future of AI in electric vehicles Deep Dive Tech Talk with Jack McCauley

Fully Charged Podcast

Hear Jack talk Electric Motors, the Elon Musk Mistake & Guitar Hero.


Jack’s thoughts on augmented reality in cars and its applications.


Jack’s thoughts on augmented reality in cars and its applications.

Everything VR & AR Podcast (Part 2)

Hear more about Jack’s background as an engineer, inventor, future of VR, keys to success, and more. This is part two of a two part series

Everything VR & AR Podcast (Part 1)

From his background as an engineer, inventor and hardware designer, Jack touches on working on Guitar Hero and developing the Oculus DK1 and DK2. This is part one of a two part series.

Al Bawaba: UAE Tech Podcast

Jack talks hardware, Oculus, gaming, among other topics. as he continues to inspire students at UC Berkeley.

J.P. Morgan Tech Exchange

An interview that covers Jack’s expertise and insight on electric vehicles, cybersecurity, virtual reality and more.

Everyday Driver Car Debate

Jack provides insight on start-ups,  discusses his various car builds over the years,  the future of EVs, and offers advice to listeners considering an electric vehicles.

Electric & Eclectic with Roger Atkins

An interview that covers Jack’s insight on start-ups, coding, and electric vehicles.

Future of Mobility

Jack discusses innovation, electrified vehicles, virtual reality and more. 

Global News TV (Taiwan)

Jack discusses the implications of solid state battery technology in electric vehicles.

Berkeley Innovators

Learn about the birth of Guitar Hero & more in this article with shared stories from Jack’s 30+ year experience in the video gaming & entertainment industry.


From augmented reality applications in various industries,  using MEMS sensors in a gaming device, to discussing the future of AR in car, Jack covers it all in this article.

IEEE Spectrum

Interview with Jack McCauley on tackling VR problems with the use of MEMS mirrors


Talk about Jack’s career story from designing the scrolling mouse wheel, USB and more! 

VR Talk

Everything everyone wants to fix about VR: a CES 2017 story

Las Vegas Sun

Virtual reality finds a cultural partner in Las Vegas.



Jack is available to share his insights into a range of topics including automotive, the future of electric vehicles, battery technology, AR, XR, AI, 5G, cybersecurity and more. Whether you’re a member of the media, a conference organizer looking for a stellar speaker, or a potential collaborator, please click the contact button below to connect with Jack.